December 16, 2010

Holiday Goodness!

December Burger Day with the girls is always terrific....Burgers AND holiday gift exchange! This year I did my shopping at 2nd Saturdayz and I found the exactly right gifts. The Tree (for Beth) was from Lori of Cinnabarblue, the Mannequin (for Colleen) was made by Linda of Luluz and the Wreath (for Judy) was assembled by Deb of Garden Party.

Here is a close-up of the pretty wreath details.
Bunny always loves to help and is looking good in the Midori silk ribbon box.
I made some initial ornaments from wire and Midori silk ribbon as nametags. And I will post a super-simple tutorial on these next week!

Wrapped the gifts up in creamy dreamy pieces of silk sari, added some ribbon and the ornaments and the gifts were good to go. Fabric is a great wrap: recyclable again as wrap or can later be used in crafts and is very good for odd shaped items. And who doesn't need a piece of silk sari?

Happy girls with full tummys and full hearts!

Colleen, Beth, Me, Judy

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  1. Beautiful presents and I love the group photos with everyone smiling. Where do you find sari silk? Have a fantastic, fun filled, and crafty weekend.