July 18, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Don't we just love that saying? And 11 birds will have a new Home Sweet Home thanks to my awesome class attendees at the Rustic Birdhouse Workshop Saturday at Pine Creek Nursery.

Cans (later used as roofs) with birdhouse potential just waiting inside.
Antonya brought these awesome bottlecaps to share!

Bits and bobs of ephemera for decorating.
They came armed with cordless drills, hammers and their creative caps on.
I will let the photos tell the story!
Adding personal touches.
I would totally move in here if I was a bird!

A garden oasis on a birdhouse.

The chimney with 'smoke' is darling!

Carol said "I'm not crafty" Ha! She can't say that anymore.

Patty said "I wasn't sure I could do this, but I love it!" She even used a jig-saw for the first time!
And then we had goodies!
Pine Creek Nursery knows how to throw a workshop!

A big thank you to everyone and my trusty assistant, Doug!

My next workshop at Pine Creek will be the Silverware Suet Feeder I created for Birds & Blooms Magazine.

July 11, 2011


Oriental poppies from my mom's garden.

...each milestone, each achievement, each day!

Today I am celebrating a few things.

It is my one year blog anniversary. I opened up the doors to my Little House a year ago and it has been delightful sharing, visiting and getting to know all of you. Thank you for your kindess and support.

I had big plans to celebrate my blog-iversary but unexpected things happen to people everyday and that leads me to the next thing I am celebrating today...my husband, Doug!

Saturday I brought him home from the hospital after he was diagnosed with several pulmonary embolisms (blood clots in the lungs). Thankfully it was caught early and the clots ended up in the lungs and not in his heart or brain. I can't even begin to process or comprehend the situation much beyond that.

So today I celebrate: new friends and adventures, old loves and my beautiful everyday life!

July 1, 2011

For the Birds...

The birds in my garden are my 'flying flowers'! I love their colors, songs and funny antics. The cats and I could watch them all day! My garden has been a Certified Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary for years (I am close to saying 'decades' now...just a few more years!) A big part of my habitat success is birdhouses. I have several styles for several types of birds and every year they are occupied with our feathered friends.

On July 16, I am teaching a Rustic Birdhouse Workshop at Pine Creek Nursery in Monroe. It is the first of three workshops we have teamed up to present to you. Click on the Workshop tab at the top of this page to get the details. Come and enjoy the beautiful nursery, pound a few nails and create a darling birdhouse custom-made by you for our Chickadee friends. Next spring you may be blessed with some of your own 'flying flowers'!