July 18, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Don't we just love that saying? And 11 birds will have a new Home Sweet Home thanks to my awesome class attendees at the Rustic Birdhouse Workshop Saturday at Pine Creek Nursery.

Cans (later used as roofs) with birdhouse potential just waiting inside.
Antonya brought these awesome bottlecaps to share!

Bits and bobs of ephemera for decorating.
They came armed with cordless drills, hammers and their creative caps on.
I will let the photos tell the story!
Adding personal touches.
I would totally move in here if I was a bird!

A garden oasis on a birdhouse.

The chimney with 'smoke' is darling!

Carol said "I'm not crafty" Ha! She can't say that anymore.

Patty said "I wasn't sure I could do this, but I love it!" She even used a jig-saw for the first time!
And then we had goodies!
Pine Creek Nursery knows how to throw a workshop!

A big thank you to everyone and my trusty assistant, Doug!

My next workshop at Pine Creek will be the Silverware Suet Feeder I created for Birds & Blooms Magazine.


  1. Wonderful birdie abodes! They are all fantastic, lucky little birds.

  2. Seeing your photos makes me wanna be a bird!!!! They are all beautiful!

  3. Oh these pictures make me sad I missed it!! What fun!! I will be at the next one FOR SURE (ok..maybe..let me check my schedule first..ha!)

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  5. I think I need to put in my house like what is on the first photo. It's really cute. I love things like that. :)

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