February 24, 2011

Catching up!

February has been busy and I have some blog catch-up to do.

First off, the Goat Delivery/Portland Wrap-up: After Granny and Wilbur were safely delivered to Apifera, Ophelia and I spent 2 nights with Cousin Chris and family and spent a few days driving around Portland thrift shopping. We {heart} Goodwill! We also went to Monticello Antique Mall and loved all the eye candy there. Top of the line junk and stuff!
Lots of biker dudes and tatooed people in here.
We were welcomed warmly when we asked where the closest Goodwill was!

I screeched to a halt when we saw this place.

Memorial shrine for those that passed recently.

Voodoo Donuts INVENTED maple bars with bacon and lots of other crazy combos.

We went for the french crullers...melt in your mouth, light and fluffy, eggy goodness; the best we have ever had. We decided to not go for the coffin full of donuts. Silly us!

Yep, we tried the photo booth. Ophelia kept sinking lower and lower in every photo!

Loved the oversized cardboard hearts.
We hit as many Goodwills as we could on the way home, including Battle Ground because I also wanted to pop into Uncovered Ruby. Lisa comments frequently on this blog and I wanted to meet her in person. Alas, she wasn't there but I left a note and picked up a few treasures.

Mt. St. Helens...gorgeous day for a drive!
Burgerville and Goodwill in Centralia is always a winning combination and was our last official stop before home.


Second catch-up, Burger Day and Valentines with the gang...I made ribbon wrapped Valentine hearts and picked up some Frost doughnuts for the girls. (there was a fair amount of burgers and donuts in my February adventures!)


And last but not least, I finally took a workshop from Lisa JonesMoore! She is a spectacular local collage artist and Salvage Studio friend. Beeswax Valentines seemed like the perfect Valentine treat for myself and I was right. My buddy Caroline and I took the class together and loved working with beeswax. It was warm and soft and smelled so good!

So, I think we are caught up...and the rest of Febuary is looking pretty quiet...so I will enjoy the dusting of snow, the bulbs popping up in spite of it and working on making this Little House ready for spring!


  1. Well, probably good you started at APifera, or who knows how many doughnuts the goats would have eaten! I've never been to Voodoo Doughnuts, but I'm a purist doughnut eater and like Old Fashioned Raise or glazed. Still, I've heard so much about it, must get there before I die.

  2. What a busy time you have had and fun filled too! I love the Valentine you made. Collage with bee's wax is on my list of things to do this spring. Kick back and relax and enjoy!

  3. Hmmmm..no mention of how you drove the wrong way on the MAX track or how you got lost for an hour while I slept and we almost ended up visiting Mt. St Helens. Funny how it is the donuts and burgers that make it in the blog. lol

  4. Wanted: New travel partner...one who preferably won't tell your travel secrets to your blog-readership! Granny and Wilbur kept their mouths shut...LOL

  5. Hi, Lisa:
    Sounds like a fun road trip -- we made almost the same trip last weekend while the kids (the people kind) where out of school. Enjoyed this post and your great pics.
    Peace, love, and happy junkin'!

  6. Looks like a blast...have made that trip myself from seattle. Great shopping and Portland is my 2nd favorite city!