February 21, 2011

It was a grand affair!


The Ruffles & Rust Spring Vintage Market was spectacular on so many levels:

Vendors - top notch
Booths - inspiring
Come Junk With Us crew - dreamy
Attendees - worth every bit of hard work

I love this show as a vendor, shopper and fellow junker. So much heart and soul goes into this event.

Here are a few shots of my booth that could not have happened without the hard work and support of my husband Doug and sister Ophelia along with my good buddies Caroline and Cindy! And I was touched by my friends that attended and shopped until they dropped! My booth was nearly empty by the end of Saturday...I am truly blessed beyond words.

Love garden-y yellow-y stuff!

Silver-plated knife handles hold vintage millinery flowers as a wearable vase.

Sterling salt and pepper shakers made into necklace pendants. Vintage 1940s faux pearls!

These lovelies were my treat to myself from Auntie Joy. I loved my jour'ney!


  1. Thanks Lisa for your lovely comments! I just need YOU to know that I love YOU and think the world of YOU! It would be great if you keep little Bella in your Heart and Prayers......She is SO, so precious!

    Big Big Hugs, Love and of course,,I hope I give you a chuckle in general! (Where is my Gumball Machine? I didn't see any!!)

    Friends like you, help me find a Smile! Thank you! Keep sweet Bella in your thoughts!

  2. So happy you had a good show, with good folks, and good junk! Your booth was so sweet, so sorry I had to miss this one. Getting ready for the NW Flower ans Garden Show and set up today...I'm pooped as I'm sure you are! But in a good way, right?
    Hope to see you soon;)

  3. What a fabulous show and sooo much fun to see YOU and all of the reeally lovely people! See you soon at Dreamgirls! WOOHOO!