May 19, 2011

Guess who came to breakfast?

I was working on the computer and glanced out the sliding glass door and to my surprise and excitement, this is who I saw wandering through the garden. Can you believe it; a ring-necked pheasant?

He hung out in our "Sunset Garden", drinking from the bathtub pond and plucking seeds from the gravel patio for a least 15 minutes. I was so happy to get him on video! After he was done hanging out, he disappeared under our humongous quince. Maybe he will make it his new home? If not, I was honored that he chose to stop here as he was passing through.

I must say, it was a pinnacle in my Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary career. I have been a registered Sanctuary since 1993 and have loved watching the wildlife through the seasons. From baby possums, to fledgling wrens; from an adolescent Peregrine falcon to downy woodpeckers. All in my urban backyard in the middle of one of the largest cities in the county. Magical!


  1. Your pheasant video is fabulous, but I thought you were going to say that HENRY came by for breakfast!!!!

  2. He is beautiful! What a treat to watch him, hopefully he'll spread the word to his buddies to go hang out in your backyard sanctuary!
    Lisa ;-)

  3. Love love love this! You're so lucky...

  4. I sure hope he comes back!! :)