May 2, 2011

May Day Charm Swap was Fabulous!

Our charming assortment!
What a great group of charm makers, I must say! For some of these gals, it was there first swap ever...but they produced charms like professionals and the presentations were divine. Plus, Caroline made 2 charms for everyone!

I wrapped up the charms, along with some thank you goodies from me, in little packages and mailed them off. Then the emails and FaceBook postings began. Jenifer said, "The charms are all gorgeous. I like Ophelia's nest & presentation and your flower is amazing and Madonna! I'm glad she joined in, Julia's tiny spool. Hell, I love them all! The extras are so cool, can't wait to find uses for all that stuff."

Jenifer's charm

Ophelia's charm "A Nest for Henry"
Bernadette's charm

My charm; vintage French metal flower with faux pearl
 Thank you, Thank you to everyone who particpated! I love them all! And watch for news of a fall charm swap...let's do this again and there is still room for more swappers!


  1. hey- these pictures are wonderful! thanks for hosting a super fun swap. i love my goodies!

    happy day- caroline

  2. These are great photos!! Thank you Lisa!!

    Where is the sun? Jenifer

  3. Thanks Lisa, for the Charm Swap,...and to all the Ladies that joined in,.. all LOVE ALL MY NEW CHARMS ! u all did a beautiful job : )
    i wear them proudly : ) Lisa H-K