February 24, 2011

Catching up!

February has been busy and I have some blog catch-up to do.

First off, the Goat Delivery/Portland Wrap-up: After Granny and Wilbur were safely delivered to Apifera, Ophelia and I spent 2 nights with Cousin Chris and family and spent a few days driving around Portland thrift shopping. We {heart} Goodwill! We also went to Monticello Antique Mall and loved all the eye candy there. Top of the line junk and stuff!
Lots of biker dudes and tatooed people in here.
We were welcomed warmly when we asked where the closest Goodwill was!

I screeched to a halt when we saw this place.

Memorial shrine for those that passed recently.

Voodoo Donuts INVENTED maple bars with bacon and lots of other crazy combos.

We went for the french crullers...melt in your mouth, light and fluffy, eggy goodness; the best we have ever had. We decided to not go for the coffin full of donuts. Silly us!

Yep, we tried the photo booth. Ophelia kept sinking lower and lower in every photo!

Loved the oversized cardboard hearts.
We hit as many Goodwills as we could on the way home, including Battle Ground because I also wanted to pop into Uncovered Ruby. Lisa comments frequently on this blog and I wanted to meet her in person. Alas, she wasn't there but I left a note and picked up a few treasures.

Mt. St. Helens...gorgeous day for a drive!
Burgerville and Goodwill in Centralia is always a winning combination and was our last official stop before home.


Second catch-up, Burger Day and Valentines with the gang...I made ribbon wrapped Valentine hearts and picked up some Frost doughnuts for the girls. (there was a fair amount of burgers and donuts in my February adventures!)


And last but not least, I finally took a workshop from Lisa JonesMoore! She is a spectacular local collage artist and Salvage Studio friend. Beeswax Valentines seemed like the perfect Valentine treat for myself and I was right. My buddy Caroline and I took the class together and loved working with beeswax. It was warm and soft and smelled so good!

So, I think we are caught up...and the rest of Febuary is looking pretty quiet...so I will enjoy the dusting of snow, the bulbs popping up in spite of it and working on making this Little House ready for spring!

February 21, 2011

It was a grand affair!


The Ruffles & Rust Spring Vintage Market was spectacular on so many levels:

Vendors - top notch
Booths - inspiring
Come Junk With Us crew - dreamy
Attendees - worth every bit of hard work

I love this show as a vendor, shopper and fellow junker. So much heart and soul goes into this event.

Here are a few shots of my booth that could not have happened without the hard work and support of my husband Doug and sister Ophelia along with my good buddies Caroline and Cindy! And I was touched by my friends that attended and shopped until they dropped! My booth was nearly empty by the end of Saturday...I am truly blessed beyond words.

Love garden-y yellow-y stuff!

Silver-plated knife handles hold vintage millinery flowers as a wearable vase.

Sterling salt and pepper shakers made into necklace pendants. Vintage 1940s faux pearls!

These lovelies were my treat to myself from Auntie Joy. I loved my jour'ney!

February 18, 2011

Ruffles and Rust or Bust!

my booth...garden inspired...of course!
Where the heck have I been lately? Just getting ready for one of the most awesome shows in all the land! Head to the Ruffles and Rust Spring Vintage Market this weekend to soak in and take home some of the loveliest treasures...from rusty farm implements to fine vintage fabrics and everything inbetween. 85 premier vendors have been working their fingers to the bone and combing the land to provide a beautiful selection of wares for you!

Be sure to print out a coupon for $3 off Saturday!

See you soon!

February 2, 2011

"Where in the Sam Hill is Yamhill?" or "I would go anywhere with a goat!"

This weekend was my awesome Goat Adventure. Ophelia and I picked up Wilbur and Granny at New Moon Goat Sanctuary on Sunday morning and headed south to Yamhill, Oregon. 

We arrived at Apifera Farm at dusk and were greeted by braying donkeys, a herd of sheep and a 'ram'bunctious goat named Frankie. We said hello to Katherine and Martyn and got our charges unloaded and introduced to their new digs. Granny made herself right at home; Wilbur was a bit shy but made the rounds and was happy to have a 'welcome-to-your-new-home' cookie, or two. Katherine's pockets are filled with cookies at all times...part of the Apifera Farm magic, I suspect.
We got the grand farm tour and were pleased to meet the gentle Guinnias; the donkeys, Pino, Paco and Lucia; the big goats, Stella and Iris; and we waved at the sheep and the chickens. We watched the bats come out at dusk from the barn (our family LOVES bats) and hoped for an owl sighting.

Then we went into the warm and cosy farmhouse to get our pie and meet the indoor menagarie. I snuggle-bunnied Itty Bitty Etta too much, I presume, because the only photos I could get were blurry from her smoothing her ruffled fur! So I opted for a little video of her doing just that!

The One-eyed Pug kept close watch over his Etta but was very willing to be petted and ooh-ed and ahh-ed over. Big Tony 'allowed' us to give him a pet...we realize we can be a lot to take in all at once. Huck was exhuberent with his hello, to say the least. And Muddy was a fine host, as well.

Katherine sent us away with bundles and bundles of their beautiful lavender, some of her joyful postcards and the 'pie'...homemade apple with donkey cut-outs on top...Sweet!

My lavender in my sunshiny window!
I wish we would have gotten there sooner. I wish we could have stayed longer. I wish we didn't have to say good-bye to our wonderful goat travel companions. It was kinda lonely on the way home...Ha!

Shy, but oh so handsome, Wilbur.

Sweet Granny with her semi-toothless grin.
This old girl had a 3-pack a day Baaaaahh that cracked us up!
But a delightful traveler.
We have to say our Goat Adventure was a huge success all the way around. Thanks to Ellen and Katherine for all the beautiful work you do for these creatures.

I highly recommend you visit Katherine's blog for so many beautiful photos, stories and opportunities to help these wonderful animals of Apifera!