June 28, 2011

Catching up!

I am so behind on my blog posts! Yikes!
I wanted to share my Birthday Burger Day treasures from my burger buddies.

First, Colleen and Judy decorated this darling, chippy, rusty wire chicken for me with a paper crown, butterfly garland (to hide the gift) and a butterfly pennant flag. I thought the 'packaging' was the gift...but no, there was more!

This beautiful butterfly cuff bracelet and some vintage metal buttons that belonged to Judy's mom. Divine!

Beth gave me this beautifully wrapped box with gourmet sea salts and a lovely, vintage floral pin from Tinsel Trading Company.

Birthdays rock!

June 24, 2011

A beautiful slice of life...

Pino Pie Day was spectacular! The donkeys looked beautiful; the gardens looked beautiful and the pies were beautiful (and tasty!).

Any place with a sign like this, is HEAVEN to me!

Getting our photo taken with our hosts. I am laughing, not frightened!

The donkeys had their party shoes on!
The gang!

Donated aprons for sale benefitting Lavender Dreams Farm Donkey Rescue.
Drought tolerant gardens are a bee's delight.
Big Tony and Itty Bitty Etta...my how she has grown!
Pretty Lucia
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It was a pretty fine day.

June 21, 2011

Goat Hauler

My new handle from Katherine of Apifera. I love it! and will wear it proudly!

A couple of days before Doug and I left for Oregon to attend Pie Day, Katherine jokingly said "Bring Lightning with you" and I replied "Really? I will if you want me too". Saint Doug said OK and that was that. So I guess when you have hauled 3 goats you are upgraded to Goat Hauler!
Honey Boy just chillin' in the back of our car waiting for us to get the show on the road.
Honey Boy Edwards (formerly Lightning) was a delightful travel companion. Ellen of New Moon Goat Sanctuary helped tarp the back of the car and tether him in. He had to travel sans crate because he is a very large French Alpine pack goat and was too big to fit in one. But he was as good as gold.
Katherine and Honey Boy meet.
Granny and Wilbur...look at those smiles!
So we dropped Honey Boy off on Friday and got to say hello to our old friends, Granny and Wilbur. They were looking great and loving life at Apifera. (read their story here and here) All the goats follow Katherine around like puppy dogs. They love her!

More later on Pie Day! It was delightful.....

June 13, 2011

Pino's Pie Day!

Remember the trek to Oregon with my 2 favorite goats...and my sister?

Well, this Sunday, Katherine & Martyn Dunn of Apifera are assisting Pino the Donkey in feeding pie to all the land. And Doug and I are heading down to grab us a slice...of pie, donkey hugs, fresh air, lavendar, goat kisses, aprons, farm life.

Father's Day at Hilderbrand Pond is a tradition. So we are combining the two this year. Got our house/kitten sitter lined up and off to Oregon we will go.

If you are in the Yamhill neighborhood, pop by! Directions and invite are here.

June 3, 2011

No longer a Space Case!?

Well...my Space in a Case is now a Booth on the Loose at Town Hall Antiques in Bothell's Country Village!

A before shot...just for fun!
After 2 1/2 days of hard work, several helpers (thanks Mom, Caroline and Kate!) and some fun items from my buddies, Judy and Colleen, my new booth is open for business! It was great to graduate to a larger area...goodness knows, I got junk!

Momma and 2 little babies!
Pop in, feed the ducks, browse to your heart's content and most of all enjoy the sun this weekend!