January 2, 2011

Back to Basics

This week between Christmas and New Year's is always a reflective time. After the parties, presents and festivities of the preceding 6 weeks are over, I am always ready for the peace and quiet. This past year has left a lot to reflect on.

After a long, fun run of Salvage Studio retail goodness and book writing over the past several years, I was looking forward to slowing down a bit. 2010 was slated to be a year to renew my soul and spirit; work in the garden and 'just be' in my nest.

But, as we all know, sometimes the Universe has other plans for us.

In the early spring, we decided to officially retire the Salvage Studio and I started Lisa's Little House.

And in April, Rod, my step-dad of nearly 40 years died unexpectedly a week after retiring, shaking our family to the core.

My beautiful, baby sister got married 3 weeks later.

And I spent most of the summer traveling back and forth to eastern Washington, helping my mom with long-overdue projects at her house.

In the fall, I prepared for my first solo show. A huge success, but stressful nonetheless. And then I did it again in December.

During this roller coaster ride of a year, I learned how strong and determined I could be. And I learned what my family is made of. My Mom and sister are amazing women and the men in our lives are amazing, too. My friends have been angels on earth; listening, loving and ready to help with a meal or a perfectly timed hug. Gifts to offset the grief and I am so grateful. My family is too...

And I realized that my original goal for 2010 was true and valid and worth another shot.

So....it is time to get back to the basics...

2011 is slated to be a year to renew my soul and spirit; work in the garden and 'just be' in my nest. Amen!


  1. Dear Lisa,
    What a perfect aspiration, to just BE this next year. It is profound really. And to pour over seed catalogs and to look forward to digging in some good earth. So GOOD. I'm right there with you;)


  2. Hi Lisa,

    What a beautiful post--I wish you a peaceful and enjoyable 2011! Your sentiment feels familiar, as I intend to ENJOY myself and *try* not to over do as well. See you soon, dear one!

    ~ Debi

    P.S. Hi to your mom!

  3. I wish you a beautiful year of "being" and thank you for sharing your wonderful talents with us all. Cheers.

  4. Thank you my friends for your continued support. It means more to me than you could ever know...