March 13, 2011

Charming Friends!

I participate in a delightful charm swap two times a year. I missed attending the spring swap in person this year but Caroline proxied for me and so I wouldn't miss any charm goodness!

I created charms from vintage bingo balls. I made a jig to hold the balls so I could drill through them with my drill press. Gotta save those fingers! Then I patinaed some copper wire with a small blow torch and wired up the charms. Vintage sequins, a few beads and some homemade pounded wire eye pins completed the bauble.

And good presentation is part of the 'charm' so they were displayed on an old copper floral arrangement dish. A flower frog held my charm description.

Here are the treasures I received in return:

I am a lucky girl! Thanks for all the beautiful charms!


  1. Love them! Such a great idea.

  2. Such talent, these are way cool! I love how you used the old bingo balls! ;-) Lisa

  3. B-5 I love my charm! It's going on a bracelet with some copper/turquoise charms, very nice! I missed seeing you.

  4. LOVE THIS IDEA!! Too bad nothing like that near hoo!
    xo Rochelle

  5. Great to see all the goodies. I'm not missing the swap next time!