March 10, 2011

Dream Girls Bracelet

Got my Dream Girls bracelet done! Love Love Love!

Doug and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in April so "Silver" Love seemed more than appropriate!

Plus, a few extra charms for necklace components.

Thanks Kelli for the butterfly charm!
And, here are a few links to other Dream Girls posts with tons of fabulous photos! Nothing like having professional photographers attend. They captured the weekend's magic beautifully! Thank you!

The Fancy Farmgirl - Tiffany, our hostess with the mostest
Terri Brush Designs - Soldering Queen
Mimi Charmante
Jeanne Oliver
Maison Douce
Plus, watch my Blog Buddies sidebar for any new posts that might come up!

What a magical weekend...thank you one and all!


  1. Okay so those charms are AWESOME!!! and HAPPY HAPPY anniversary!!!! 25 years is so incredible!!! Celebrate BIG!~

  2. as always, so wonderful to spend time with you! don't forget, if you ever need "another" sister... I'm right here!

  3. Was lovely to see you there.