October 5, 2011

There goes the neighborhood!

Crazy times at Lisa's Little House! But it is all good...

New water main installed. Check!
Mom here. Check!
Cruise taken and enjoyed immensely. Check!

But the craziest news of all...Henry and his parents are going to be moving into the house NEXT DOOR to me at the end of the month! I know! Can you believe it? Pinch me!

We have the best neighbors. We hang out, barbeque, share special holiday traditions like our annual Progressive Dinner. So it is bittersweet that Greg, Courtney, Katelynne and Taylor are moving. They found a larger home for their family and were looking for renters for their old house. They offered it to Henry and his parents first, bless their hearts. And it worked out for everyone...especially Auntie!

We are beside ourselves. How often in this day and age can family live so close together? Henry will grow up surrounded by family and friends 24/7. And since I am going to be his primary care-giver while his parents work, my commute will be a dream.

God is good!


  1. Henry is going to love living next door to you.

  2. What a wonderful arrangement. I'm a little jealous...I'd LOVE to have my sissy next door! Have fun!

  3. I can only imagine the Lucy and Viv moments to come!

  4. Congratulations! What an incredible gift! That is going to be one happy little boy :)