October 25, 2010

A Family Affair

We all have family...some is by blood, some by marriage, some by some other bond...some other connection. 

My sister, Ophelia and my husband, Doug were my lifeline, support, minions and sanity before, during and after the great weekend adventure of Ruffles and Rust! I truly could not have done it without their love and support. Plus we had a ton of fun!

My junking family is my other bond and connection. They 'get' me. The love of the hunt; the creativity; the chippy; the treasures; the history of the junk. Like me, they see the potential; the beauty underneath. They don't judge...they support; smile; admire; accept.
I am a lucky girl!

My booth...warm and cozy!

So if you came to Ruffles and Rust, you know what I am talking about. It was a creative masterpiece. A great big room filled with hundreds (thousands!) of people with one goal in mind...to celebrate our collective creative process.

Necklaces I created from spoons and porcelain flowers.

There is still so much to process from the whole extravaganza. So watch for another post about this most marvelous weekend!


  1. Hi Lisa, it was great to see you and get a taste of your creativity! I hope the show was a huge success for you and please keep me posted about your next one!
    xoxo debra

  2. Your booth was even warmer and cozier in person. Friday night was fun, fun, fun!