October 4, 2010

Mums the word!

Tables of chysanthemums
I went plant shopping for my buddy Cindy Pestka's garden project at my favorite wholesale nursery, Vibrant Plants, out in Woodinville last week. I am a sucker for the plants...I can't lie.

One for Cindy...two for me...one for Cindy...two for me.

Acres of plants in a pretty tapestry just begging to go home with me.
And I really had no business buying any plants. None. I told you...I am a sucker.

A couple of my selections...echinacea (in 2 colors) and gaura.
But, now I am really excited to rework a few beds this fall and these will find a happy home in the upper picket fence garden. It is visible from the front picture windows, so will be admired by us and the passers-by.

Yeah, that's it...that is why I did it. It will be our little secret...


  1. How did you manage Vibrance without someone to get muddy getting you the perfect plant and ripping the butt of their jeans jumping in and out of the back of the truck? lol

  2. Oh sweet sister, oh mine! We have had some good times plant shopping together, haven't we? xxoo,