October 26, 2010

Ruffles and Rust and Resting

Ophelia and I on Blogger's Ball night...Thanks, Phil for making my lovely sash!
What a weekend!

Set-up went as smooth as silk...mostly.

Kay Mitchell of The Weathered Rose passing out delicious New York Cupcakes.
The Blogger's Ball was a glorious event filled with prom dresses, sparkly jewelry and laughter.

Julie Sotomura of Photomura in her blog finery. Love the sash made of photo slides!
Julie helping Cindy Pestka of Artgirl-Island don her sash.
Sale day on Saturday was non-stop shoppers, wide-eyed with wonder
for all that we had created to make this a special occasion to remember.

And tear-down took place at lightning speed...trying to avoid the rain
that had thoughtfully been absent for most of the weekend.

A big thank you to Timi and her Posse, my family and friends,
 the other talented vendors and the supportive shoppers who made us all feel so special.

And now we get to rest...until the next fun shindig!



  1. I was there on Saturday but I'm not sure which was your booth. Do you have any photos of it? Wasn't it a great show?

  2. Thanks for posting the photos!

  3. Lisa! So glad we got the chance to meet you, thanks for including us in your post, I only wish we would of turned around for you, but, you know how it is, you sell something and everything else moves again and then again!!
    It was a fun show and we can't wait for next years! XO Glad & Celia