October 17, 2010

Of course I wood!

No, it isn't a typo or a grammar snafu. I really like things made of wood. One of the happiest days of my life is when my friend Susan and I discovered I had hardwood floors under my ugly carpet!

I have been so busy assembling, creating, repurposing items for the Ruffles and Rust event (in less than a week! Yikes!) and my favorite things are made of wood; simple boxes, table tops, benches. Maybe it is because I love nature and trees; maybe it's the many grain patterns and colors of wood; maybe it is the warmth and strength it symbolizes.

And plain wood is transformed when waxed. Here is the difference between two wooden boxes. The top one is waxed with the Beeswax Wood Polish I made from Amber Dusick's recipe. It brings out the natural warm color of the wood. Yummy!

Hope to see you at the Show. Don't forget you can print out a $3 off coupon for Saturday's admission from my blog sidebar. Come visit me at Lisa's Little House!


  1. Oh how I wish I could go to the show. Not to worry, I am sending my aunt and cousin to take notes for me! I am like you about wood. I love the natural beauty, the grain, and the color. My Dad was a carpenter and learned to appreciate wood through him.

  2. I hope to make it to the flea market this weekend.

  3. I love beautiful wood too...so warm and rich looking! See you this weekend!