April 4, 2011

Fat Book Swap

My page front and back
I really love swaps! For me, it is a super good excuse to create AND I have a deadline. Without a deadline, I would be lost! But that is another story for another day.
Last Saturday our monthly Artist Trading Card (ATC) group met at the Urban Scrapbooker in Edmonds and traded ATC's and then 9 of us stayed and swapped our Fat Book pages. After the pages are collected we bind them up however we like and enjoy!
In the past we have done a Halloween Fat Book and a Winter Fat Book. Of course, I loved the House theme! I used metal tape measure for my roof and red twig dogwood from my garden for my tree. I had picked up some mini-picket fence at St. Vinnie's on my last visit to Mom's so I wrapped some green wired stuff around the pickets and added some pink wired stuff for blooms. The back is an aeronatical map of the Puget Sound region, just because this is my home!

Lisa R & Caroline C side 1

Caroline C & Lisa R side 2

Cheryl H & Joanne C side 1

Cheryl H & Joanne C side 2

Linda B & Jane K side 1

Linda B & Jane K side 2

Nan did a pop-up page
The pages are best with lots of 3-dimensional detail. That makes them nice and Fat! And even though everyone's style is so different, as a book it all works due to the common thread of the theme. Now I need to work on my cover and get these babies bound up.
I love the pages I received in return; a little slice of Home from my swapping buddies.


  1. Friends that have opportunity to get together & swap are so fortunate!! If it wasn't wrong to envy, I'd envy Y'aLL--Ha! DisCovering how to enLarge these photos has brightened my world tremendousLy. I saw every detail on these & was very impressed with the efforts everyOne made. You've got a neat *fat book*, Lisa. Happy Swapping ♥

  2. Lisa, how fun! Sorry I missed. I remembered that 1st Saturday had crept up on Friday night. Going to try to sneak out next time and come swap.

  3. FUN!!! I love swaps!! It's so great to get together with like minded artists..yay!!

  4. Such a great swap. I love how you used the measuring tape for the roof, co creative! Wishing you a beautiful day.

  5. i am loving these fat book pages! bravo, you swapper you!

  6. Your fat book is beautiful... How sweet all the houses are... What a great swap!

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