April 1, 2011

The Curious Nest

It started with this darling necklace. Andrea Savar, proprietress of The Curious Nest in Seattle, posted this limited edition necklace as a fundraiser for Japan on her blog. Loved the cherry blossom bling and the worthy cause...so Friday, Ophelia and I took a drive to her shop. Oh my goodness. I have always loved Andrea and her vintage French pretties and she has outdone herself with this cozy 'nest' of a shop. It is filled with vintage French goodness along with Andrea's own jewerly line, Debbie Savar's (her mom) original paintings and various other local artist's work. It is a happy place with something for everyone.

One of Debbie's paintings...the detail and colors are beautiful.
Beads, baubles, boxes! Paper, pillows, paintings!

Andrea also carries The Salvage Studio book...so I autographed all she had...fun! And then I saw goodies by Laurie Cinotto of LaLaLaurie and Hazel's Vintage Pretties sachets from Katie Galbraith. It was like attending a party and some unexpected friends showed up.
"Urban Nests" for Urban Birds
Colorful nests filled with found objects.
Metal Star
And I loved these colorful creations from Kim Groff-Harrington.

Some vintage jewelry pieces from Miriam Haskell and some glass goodies.
And of course I had to pick up some treasures. Some will be used for my May Day Charm. I haven't decided what yet!

Beautiful birdcages filled to the brim!

It is hard to take a photo of a window display...but look at all the goodness inside!

Thank you Andrea, for your warm greeting, your beautiful Cherry Blossom Necklace fundraiser and creating a cozy 'nest' for us to visit!
The Curious Nest


  1. OMGosh~~I loVE the urban nest ~~ so creative. I once walked around my yard & filled a basKet with *whatever* & sprinKled it all with perfume. I sent it to my sister [a few states away] & told her I took a walk thru the yard while thinking of her. When she opened it, she saw & felt & smelled everything I did. When I saw that nest--many memories flooded my heart..thanks ♥ for sharing ♥

  2. I love Andrea's books! Do you know if book 4 is close to being issued? Thanks!