April 11, 2011

A year ago today...

...my step-dad of nearly 40 years passed away. I can't believe it. Some days it feels like yesterday.

Rod fell head over heels in love with my mom and wasn't a bit daunted by the fact that she had two little kids, 7 and 5 years old. He was still head over heels in love with her on the day he died. He told her so that day, like he did everyday. Important lesson here. Tell people you love them; every chance you get.

We tell stories; we always have as a family. We reminisce...a lot. We have so many stories to tell Henry, the first grandchild, when he gets here in May. He will never meet his grandpa, but he will know him. He will know what a practical joker he was, how much he loved books and learning and how much his family meant to him.

Mom is doing good. She recently drove herself to Salem, Oregon for a visit with my in-laws. A very big and brave step for her. Ophelia is getting ready for her first wedding anniversary and Henry's birth. I have been working on this junking business of mine and reconnecting to my home and garden.

We are adjusting to our new 'normal'. But still missing him so.

But I hope that Rod would be proud of 'his girls'...


  1. loss is so hard to overcome..but you all are sounding like it is going alright..

    Rod is proud of his girls<3

  2. How could Rod not be proud of his girls? You are amazing and your Mom? Wow! I have driven that route alone and it is long and lonely. Kudos to her for having the adventure. Sending hugs to you and your family.

  3. Lisa, thank you for sharing your beautiful memories with us...and for the reminder to let our loved ones know how we feel. So, Lisa, I am taking this opportunity to say, "I LOVE YOU!"

  4. Thank you all...it was a thoughtful day full of love!

  5. I just now saw your post, Lisa. It's wonderful that you honored your step-father in such a loving way. I'm so sorry for your loss . . . and your Mom, especially. She is such a special, brave person!!

    You are one of the sweetest, kindest women I've ever met! Wishing you my very best,

    xo ~ Debi