April 23, 2011

got bunnies?

Happy Easter everyone! Just wanted to share a collection of mine....Cottontailers. Those little ceramic bunnies with a hole in the backend for dispensing cotton balls.

I purchased my first one at a garage sale over 10 years ago. Since then I have been picking them up at thrift stores and garage sales and have been receiving them as gifts. I am at 56 right now and am always looking for more! Why? Because they make me smile. I have them grouped on a specially made shelf in my laundry area...reserved for Cottontailers!

Have a great day...and enjoy what makes you smile!


  1. Wow, those are so cool!!! I bet they are quite an impressive sight in person, because they look impressive in your picture! Enjoying your cotton tails with you ;-)..Lisa

  2. you a funny bunny! love the collection- thanks for sharing, they make me smile, too! love, c

  3. These are so cute. What a fun collection!