August 26, 2010

A dream come true...

One of my favorite blogs is The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee. Oodles of kitten cuteness on a daily basis. I happened along her blog a couple years ago from Linda Morrison's blog, Luluz. They had me at 'Itty".

'Professional Crafter' Laurie Cinotto is a kitten foster mom for The Humane Society of Tacoma and Pierce County and I really admire her work with animals along with her darling paper flower work.
(book coming soon!)

Well, our paths have crossed in the junking and blogging world and today
I had the honor of joining her, Linda and all the cats for lunch. And what to you take a
'Professional Crafter' and kitties for a hostess gift?

Hostess gifts for kitties and Laurie
The kitties received a vintage, pink floral container of organic wheat grass (a huge hit!) and I made little bouquet of button flowers for Laurie.

Charlene Butterbean (IBKC grand-dame) greeted me at the door; made sure I was
worthy to meet the kitties; received her well-deserved gift and accoulades and retired to her upstairs suite for the rest of the visit. I was in kitten heaven watching
the Fabulous Furman Five play, eat, sleep and run around.
Truly entertaining.

Oliver, Curtis, Teddy, Edith and Roland Furman
My attempt at kitten photography was dismal at best.
Please check out Laurie's blog for truly beautiful kitten photos.

Teddy and Edith

Oliver attacking my necklace!
I don't know how Laurie does it, but my fuzzy attempts at photos are
kinda appropriate considering how fuzzy these babies are!

Spending the day with these two very talented and delightful women along with
some bonafide Itty Bitty Kitties was truly a dream come true.
Thank you!


  1. We had a few giggles, always fun to see you and Laurie's house is a delight, the kittens just add to the whole bit, could use a couple of goats thou............

  2. So glad you all could come by! It was so fun hanging with you crafty ladies. Thanks SO much for the lovely gifts too!!! xoxoxo

  3. What a delightful, delightful day! I know what you mean about cat pictures...for every one that's in focus, I must have 100 that are just a blur of some animal part running away from me. Thank you for sharing the kitty-action.

  4. Linda...I agree...where could they live??? Laurie's home is a slice of nice! I could have moved in with the kitties...

  5. My, oh my, you truly did have one of those perfect days. And your hostess gifts for one and all were stylish, as well as tasty!