August 9, 2010


House painting time. I just returned from a week trip to visit my Mom in Eastern Washington. Our goal was to totally finish the front of her darling Cape Cod. We did it!

As usual it was 95+ degrees. It's a family joke that we can only paint something in or around her house if it is during a sweltering heatwave.

But the new blue shutters and blue and red detail around the doorway have provided a much needed facelift to this darling house and lifted our spirits at the same time. You see, my step-dad died in April of a brain aneurysm just a week after he retired. We are shocked and a little (no, a lot) at a loss. He was a part of us for 40 years and he and my Mom were still so much in love and had so many plans.

Mom and Rod at our Salvage Studio book signing party, October 2008
So, we are painting, crying, sorting and laughing together. The usual. Only different.

I know Rod would love the new paint job. And I know he would hate that he wasn't there to work along beside us.


  1. Your mom's house looks tippity top!

    I feel so lucky that I had some time to spend with Rod every now and then. He was a most special guy.

  2. Lisa,
    I'm so sorry about your step-dad. Sharing that time with your mom sounds like it was greatly needed. The house looks lovely.
    Keeping you and your mom in my prayers...

  3. Sweet words lady:) The house looks great!

  4. Thanks for the heartfelt kindness...It means the world to me and mine.

  5. Thanks for the you have share some personal moments.The House looking very beautiful..