August 12, 2010

What's cookin', good lookin'?

I love a plan.
Not that I won't drop everything and go meet a friend for lunch if they call me. I am not that crazy about a plan. But I love knowing what is for dinner each evening. It takes away some of my daily stress, last minute running around and saves us money. So I make a weekly dinner menu. It is like my diamond in the rough and isn't set in stone...but it is a good guide.
The basics are easy to fill in. We have Meatless Mondays, Fish on Friday and Sunday Dinner. We try to have a Supper Salad one night and a homemade soup for our standing Wednesday night dinner with our buddy, Bruce. I usually try to make extra food a couple of evenings so we can have a Leftover Night. And then a night that I fill in with something I have been craving lately, like Italian food or something like that.
I have simple little chalkboard on my fridge and I just write down the general idea/theme. Easy peasy.
It really helps me narrow down our choices because we love food around here and fortunately, I love to cook.

1 comment:

  1. I love the sweet little chalkboard. And I love that YOU love to cook! Having been the happy recipient of your homemade soup on more than one occasion, I can attest to your talents. Speaking of soup...maybe you should post that recipe. It might even inspire ME to get in my kitchen!