August 19, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer? --- I don't think so!

Two of my pals, Caroline and Joanne, both work at schools, so they have the summers 'off'. Well, they were bound and determined to cram a lot of fun into this summer break and we planned a day together as a last hurrah before back to school. Tuesday, we started the day at Joanne's so I could meet her 4 lovely black and white cats.
Those boys were stunners but kinda shy.

And I also got to peek into her 2...yes 2! craft rooms. Christmas is a very prevalent theme and was a delight to behold.

Then we hit the road to have lunch at Five, a delicious bistro in Edmonds, located in the old Salvage Studio space on Edmonds Way. We all dream about their Caesar Salad and want to make this our official hang out! You can see more photos of the lovely decor in this previous SS post.

Here we are after lunch...full and happy.

Our delightful server Naomi and her partner in crime, Bridget.
Since we had some time to spare before our last stop of the day we dropped into the Everett Goodwill Outlet. Joanne 'won' since she only spent $6, but I was very happy to make it out of there for under $20. I found some excellent treasures to repurpose into even better treasures for the upcoming Ruffles and Rust show.
The final destination was Black Door Studio in Everett. Julia Jacques is an artist who opened this studio and has created a wonderful community of artists.

Jill, looking Pretty in Pink
 She was hosting a fundraiser for her friend Jill of "Team Kindred Spirits" who is walking in the Susan G. Komen 3-day Event! We were happy to make a donation and make a few crafts and eat a few cookies!

 Very fun day and absolutely nothing lazy about it.


  1. I'd say you gals really know how to celebrate a day off. Makes me want to play hooky myself! In fact, I think I feel a bit of a "summer cold" coming on...sniff, sniff...better not expose my coworkers!

  2. You are welcome and I are having some fun on Saturday, don't forget! I keep thinking pedicures are sounding good. Who needs to do taxes?...we don't need no stinking taxes!