September 23, 2010

A Dreamy Day

Wednesday started out just like any other day around here. I had an appointment at 11am and then was just going to drive out to Woodinville to pick up our weekly vegetable share at The Root Connection.
But after my appointment I decided to meander down into Edmonds to check out a food truck I have been hearing about -- here and there: an anywhere grill. Oh my goodness! The menu changes weekly and is posted online along with where the truck will be and for how long. Julie is a mighty fine cook, to say the least!

Hydrangeas at Todd's

The food truck was only a block from Bountiful Home in Edmonds, so I wandered over to Todd's to 'borrow' his garden to eat my lunch in. I used a potting bench for my table and a rolling thing-a-ma-jig for a seat...he was a terrific host and I felt like a queen. Joan of The Weed Lady fame was there is always a treat to see her.

She had brought in some teeny tiny rose hip sprays for Todd. He gathered up a small bouquet for me to take home...a treasured momento of this beautiful fall day.

My rosehips in my bathroom--a reminder of my dreamy day!
Then off to Woodinville. As I was picking my weekly floral bouquet at the farm...Dahlias this time...I wanted to soak up the last of the summer sun. I am really self-conscious of my chubby arms and keep them covered up. But I decided it was my party today and I hadn't invited anyone who would judge me! So off with the linen jacket and on with the glorious sunshine.
People, I can't tell you how much the magic, unexpected events of today meant to me. Walking in the sun; filling my tummy with delicious food; surrounding myself with friends in a garden; simple, thoughtful gestures; my own confident defiance.
It was dreamy!


  1. You deserve EVERY day to be this wonderful!

  2. Sounds like a very delightful day, we need those often to recharge our batteries! Hope today is just as blessed! Lisa ;-)

  3. Apologies for asking this in the comment section but, my boyfriend is a collector of your 'Salvage' work and I wondered if you had passed the torch on to anyone? He is interested in comissioning a piece...

  4. Hi Michele...thanks for the comment. We are all still creating...and holding our own 'torches' Ha! You can click on my Profile picture to send me a private email and I can hook you up.