September 9, 2010

Lisa's Little House-guests

Sigrid and Bunny and Pipecleaner
Our dear friend, Nancy, house/cat sat for us while we were at Mom's. Two of her granddaughters, Sigrid and Louisa, spent a few nights with her at Lisa's Little House. We don't have kids visit much, so the cats were a litte leary, but Bunny tried to be a good hostess because there were pipecleaners in the equation (she LOVES pipecleaners). And now she loves little girls!

Louisa pointing at bottle stoppers in silver-plated vases.
The girls were fascinated by this place. They had lots of questions for Nancy. Some she could answer and some she couldn't, so we will have a future Q&A visit with the girls so they can get all their questions addressed. I can't wait!

Nancy took some shots of a few of the girl's favorite items. Louisa directed most of the shots, as you will see. Sigrid was the kitty entertainer. And don't worry, I didn't include all 55 photos! Just some of my favorites.

Louisa spotted a price sticker on this color bingo card. From then on the girls wanted to know if all the things they liked in the house were for sale. Love that! Let's make a deal...
"This is candy, you know"

They thought the wooden blocks with the names of past and present kitties was a 'nice' idea.

Blue kitty statue hangs out by the fireplace.

Flower frogs

Every little girl loves bling! Big girls, too.

Crazy tree in my entry that I still need to finish painting. Soon Louisa will be able to reach the tallest leaves.

More treasures under glass
What I love is seeing my Little House through someone else's eyes. And nothing like starting the young'uns out right...Living and Loving Junk!


  1. Sweet pictures! I'd like to come visit, too, and am sure I'd find all the nooks and crannies (and kitties) as captivating as Sigrid and Louisa found them!!

  2. OMG! These pictures of your home make me miss you even more. The picture of Bunny looks exactly like our Pearl. Who, in fact, is a little stinker. She can open most of our bathroom and kitchen cupboards. The child/kitty proof latches will be going in soon. Lv, Kathy

  3. I love, love, love the photo of Louisa under the tree...what a perfect way to measure their (ever-changing) height!

  4. Just darling! I LOVE that rose pin!!! See ya soon, Lisa ~


  5. How fun, I see future collectors and junkers right there! I love your little tree, my boys both have a tree painted in their bedroom, they are quite the conversation piece! Lisa ;-)