September 29, 2010

Weeds and Wildlife

I love books that stay with me for years. Silent Spring by Rachel Carson is one of those. Written in 1962, one year before I was born, she foretold/forewarned us about the deadly price toxic agricultural practices would have on our health, our children and our planet. We all know that sad story has come true but I am hopeful that a change is coming.

one of my buddies enjoying goldenrod in my garden
I grew up appreciating 'weeds' as wildflowers and realizing their benefit to insects. Especially the insects who pollinate our food.
In Silent Spring, I remember Rachel talking about bees and how in the fall, they depend on goldenrod to stock up on fuel for the winter. So I grow goldenrod. The wild kind. Along with some other 'weeds'. And I don't chop everything down. I leave seed-heads. And brush and leaf piles. I leave some of those, too. It keeps me hopeful.

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