September 4, 2010


Doug and I have been visiting Mom in Dayton, Washington all week. Besides all the delicious food she fixes for us (every family member has their favorite requests!) we have enjoyed a few restaurants in town. For a town with a population of 2500-ish, the fare is world-class.

Patit Creek Restaurant is a family favorite. Not only is the food delicious (5-star) and fresh, fresh, fresh; the garden is a feast for the eyes. Each season is stunning...and they grow a banana tree (heavy on the winter mulch) which is unheard of during Eastern Washington winters.

front of the restaurant
planter with papyrus
amaranth in the front garden

yummy clematis...quite a beauty

Then we ate for the first time at Manila Bay Cafe...oh my! Beautiful favorite colors; deep reds, yellows and blues.

sunflowers in an assortment of glass containers

daily specials
And the food was dreamy.

our lumpia appetizer was delicious

kalua succulent and love the banana leaf steamer pouch

and my side salad looked like a flower arrangement...but tasted better!

And the local beer was tasty, too!

We love our time in Dayton...slower pace, time with Mom, beautiful scenery....A Feast for the Soul.

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  1. I love trying new restaurants..especially when they are fresh like this. So glad you are having fun with your family and getting well fed:-)