September 28, 2010


It is safe to say we are some of the biggest fans of the annual
Why, you ask?
Because it was our first date 25 years ago!
That was the day Doug asked the imfamous question: "How old are you, anyway?"
He was 30 and I was 22 and he hadn't even bothered to wonder how old I was...
he knew I was younger...but not sure how much younger.
It still cracks us up! But we always are cracking each other up...that is one of our super special secrets for staying happily married for almost 25 years.
And what makes our friends roll their eyes at us.
Oh, well.
So on Sunday we once again ate some of our favorite foods and listened to some of our favorite music.
And I am STILL 8 years younger!


  1. You guys are too cute! And yes, it's all about cracking each other up still! Isn't it the best? Mike and I as well, 36 years and still laughing. Way to go! Opa!

  2. You guys are such a great inspiration! I don't even know what 'Opa' means, but I feel like shouting it out after reading your post. Opa!